Karin Morris

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Karin Morris

Karin brings over a decade in experience in veterinarian practice management as part of an impressive career that began with her acceptance of a position at Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital (MVVH) in 2004.

As the practice manager Karin combined her business management skills along with her passion for animals to not only substantially assist in the running of an existing practice under Jonathan Bach, D.V.M., but she also served as the point person for the construction and opening of a second office in neighboring Aberdeen, New Jersey. Says Karin, “expanding any practice takes a concentrated effort to manage and live by a budget while ensuring that the orderly expansion of the business is handled as efficiently and swiftly as possible. Sometimes both goals clash and as practice manager, you essentially have to find a way to balance them and address all concerns while making the project a reality.”

While at MVVH Karin handled all facets of the practice from human resources, payroll, finances, team building, monthly newsletters and, education.

In February of 2015, yearning to take her skills and potential to the next level, Karin accepted a position at the Fanwood Animal Hospital (FAH) in Fanwood, New Jersey. Finding a common vision and philosophy with practice owner and veterinarian, David Frantz, D.V.M., Karin was determined to not only repeat her success achieved at MVVH, but to improve and expand upon it. Says Karin, “having refined my skills in working at MVVH for over a decade, I felt that in applying my experience, knowledge, and skill set in another setting would not only improve my value to the practice but it would also improve the practice as well. In approximately six months at FAH I have found that to be true and I intend to continue to grow and learn so that I can offer FAH as successful a team that we put together. I find the pursuit of these goals to be challenging and rewarding.”

In addition to her duties as a practice manager Karin has also been a board member of NJVHMA since 2013. There, Karin has embraced the opportunity to work side by side with fellow members in an effort to discover new challenges, develop important industry contacts, and, continue to pursue valuable continuing education.

Prior to embarking on her career as a practice manager Karin worked for over fifteen years in the banking industry as a regional manager for a prominent lending institution. Her prior experience included overseeing business administration, finance, and, investments. In commenting on her prior career and its effect on her ability to act as an effective practice manager in the veterinary field, Karin remarked, “working in banking gave me a full and complete understanding of accounting and finance concepts. In the end, both disciplines are the backbone of any viable business so I felt that my extensive experience in banking and finance gave me a good foundation that I could apply to any business or practice to ensure that it ran in an economically sound fashion.”
Sept 21, 2016 was elected to the position of Treasurer for NJVHMA.
Years in Practice: 12

Email: karin@fanwoodanimalhospital.com